PEER_APPLICATION structure (p2p.h)

The PEER_APPLICATION structure contains data describing a locally installed software application or component that can be registered and shared with trusted contacts within a peer collaboration network.


typedef struct peer_application_tag {
  GUID      id;
  PEER_DATA data;
  PWSTR     pwzDescription;



The GUID value under which the application is registered with the local computer.


PEER_DATA structure that contains the application information in a member byte buffer. This information is available to anyone who can query for the local peer's member information. This data is limited to 16K.


Pointer to a zero-terminated Unicode string that contains an optional description of the local application. This description is limited to 255 unicode characters.


An "application" is a set of software or software features available on the peer's endpoint. Commonly, this refers to software packages that support peer networking activities, like games or other collaborative applications.

A peer application has a GUID representing a single specific application. When an application is registered for a peer, this GUID and the corresponding application can be made available to all trusted contacts of the peer, indicating the activities the peer can participate in. To deregister a peer application, call PeerCollabUnregisterApplication with this GUID.


Minimum supported client Windows Vista [desktop apps only]
Minimum supported server None supported
Header p2p.h

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