IPhotoAcquirePlugin::ProcessItem method (photoacquire.h)

The ProcessItem method provides additional functionality each time an item is processed. The application provides the implementation of the ProcessItem method.


HRESULT ProcessItem(
  [in] DWORD             dwAcquireStage,
  [in] IPhotoAcquireItem *pPhotoAcquireItem,
  [in] IStream           *pOriginalItemStream,
  [in] LPCWSTR           pszFinalFilename,
  [in] IPropertyStore    *pPropertyStore


[in] dwAcquireStage

Specifies a double word value indicating whether this method is being called before or after processing an item. Must be one of: PAPS_PRESAVE, PAPS_POSTSAVE, or PAPS_CLEANUP.

Value Description
PAPS_PRESAVE Indicates that the method is being called before saving the acquired file. During PAPS_PRESAVE, pPhotoAcquireItem::GetProperty should be used to retrieve metadata from the original file, while new metadata to be written to the file should be added to pPropertyStore.
PAPS_POSTSAVE Indicates that the method is being called after saving the acquired file.
PAPS_CLEANUP Indicates that the user has canceled the acquire operation and any work done by the plug-in should be cleaned up.

[in] pPhotoAcquireItem

Pointer to an IPhotoAcquireItem object for the item being processed.

[in] pOriginalItemStream

Pointer to an IStream object for the original item. NULL if dwAcquireStage is PAPS_POSTSAVE.

[in] pszFinalFilename

The file name of the destination of the item. NULL if dwAcquireStage is PAPS_PRESAVE.

[in] pPropertyStore

The item's property store. NULL if dwAcquireStage is PAPS_POSTSAVE.

Return value

The method returns an HRESULT. Your implementation is not limited to the following return values.

Return code Description
The method succeeded.
The method is not implemented.


Target Platform Windows
Header photoacquire.h
Library PhotoAcquireUID.lib

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