IHolographicCameraInterop::AcquireDirect3D12BufferResource method (windows.graphics.holographic.interop.h)

The AcquireDirect3D12BufferResource method transitions ownership of a Direct3D 12 back buffer resource from the platform to your application. If your application already owns control of the resource, then the acquisition is still considered to be a success.

After committing a resource to a HolographicFrame by calling IHolographicQuadLayerUpdateParametersInterop::CommitDirect3D12Resource, your application should consider control of that resource to be owned by the system until such a time as the resource is reacquired by your application using this method. The system owns the buffer until the frame that the buffer was committed to makes its way through the presentation queue. To determine whether the system has relinquished control of the buffer, call AcquireDirect3D12BufferResource or AcquireDirect3D12BufferResourceWithTimeout. If the buffer can't be acquired by the time your application is ready to start rendering a new HolographicFrame, then you should create a new resource and add it to the buffer queue, or limit the queue size by waiting for a buffer to become available.

If the buffer isn't ready to be acquired when AcquireDirect3D12BufferResource is called, then the method call will fail and immediately return the error code E_NOTREADY.

Your application can limit the queue size by calling AcquireDirect3D12BufferResourceWithTimeout to wait until a resource becomes available before queuing more work.


HRESULT AcquireDirect3D12BufferResource(
  ID3D12Resource     *pResourceToAcquire,
  ID3D12CommandQueue *pCommandQueue



Type: ID3D12Resource*

The Direct3D 12 resource to acquire.


Type: ID3D12CommandQueue*

The Direct3D 12 command queue to use for transitioning the state of this resource when acquiring it for your application. The resource will be in the D3D12_RESOURCE_STATE_COMMON state when it is acquired. The resource transition command may not be queued if the resource is already in the common state when it is being acquired.

Return value

S_OK if successful, otherwise returns an HRESULT error code indicating the reason for failure. Also see COM Error Codes (UI, Audio, DirectX, Codec).


Minimum supported client Windows 10, version 2004 (10.0; Build 19041)
Minimum supported server Windows Server, version 2004 (10.0; Build 19041)
Header windows.graphics.holographic.interop.h