WofShouldCompressBinaries function (wofapi.h)

Indicates whether compression should be used on a particular volume, and if so, which compression algorithm should be used.


BOOL WofShouldCompressBinaries(
  [in]  LPCWSTR Volume,
  [out] PULONG  Algorithm


[in] Volume

Specifies the path to the volume whose compression state is desired.

[out] Algorithm

Points to a ULONG value. If the function returns TRUE, indicating compression is desired, this value will contain the algorithm that should be used for this volume.

Return value

If binaries on this volume should be compressed, the return value is TRUE; otherwise it is FALSE. This function will return FALSE if the system does not support compression on the specified volume.


Target Platform Windows
Header wofapi.h
Library Wofutil.lib
DLL Wofutil.dll