Specifies the full path to a local COM server application of any bitness or architecture.

Registry entry

         (Default) = path
         ServerExecutable = path


The default value of the LocalServer32 Registry key is used to specify the location of the COM server application and, optionally, application-specific command-line arguments. COM appends the string " -Embedding" to this value so that applications can distinguish when COM is launching them from other cases. This information is passed as the lpCommandLine parameter of CreateProcess. See that documentation about the ambiguity, and security issues, that arise if the path isn't properly quoted or not fully specified.

The ServerExecutable value, type REG_SZ, first supported with Windows Server 2003, works in conjunction with the default value to prevent ambiguity in identifying the program to launch. It is passed as the lpApplicationName parameter to CreateProcess, and shouldn't be quoted. If this value isn't specified, then NULL is used.

Example LocalServer32 default value.

"\"C:\Program Files\Company Files\Application.exe\" param1 param2"

When COM starts a local server, the server must register a class object within a window of time (by default, 60 seconds), otherwise a timeout occurs.

Local servers can be hosted in Win32 services based on the LocalService named value of the CLSID key. If present, the LocalServer32 key is ignored.