Effect Functions (Direct3D 10)

This section contains information about the following effect functions:

Functions Description
D3D10CompileEffectFromMemory Compile an effect.
D3D10CreateEffectFromMemory Create an effect.
D3D10CreateEffectPoolFromMemory Create an effect pool.
D3D10CreateStateBlock Create a state block.
D3D10DisassembleEffect Disassemble a compiled effect into shader assembly instructions.
D3D10StateBlockMaskDifference Combine two state-block masks with a bitwise XOR.
D3D10StateBlockMaskDisableAll Disable state capturing.
D3D10StateBlockMaskDisableCapture Disable state capturing with a state-block mask.
D3D10StateBlockMaskEnableAll Enable a state-block mask to capture and apply all state variables.
D3D10StateBlockMaskEnableCapture Enable a range of state values in a state block mask.
D3D10StateBlockMaskGetSetting Get an element in a state-block mask.
D3D10StateBlockMaskIntersect Combine two state-block masks with a bitwise AND.
D3D10StateBlockMaskUnion Combine two state-block masks with a bitwise OR.


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