Platform Update for Windows 7

This topic describes improvements to components of the Windows 7 graphics stack that become available through the Platform Update for Windows 7.

When installed on Windows 7, the Platform Update for Windows 7 updates Windows 7 with functionality available in Windows 8. For example, these Windows 8 components become available with full functionality:

  • Direct2D 1.1 (including Direct2D Effects)
  • DirectWrite
  • Windows Imaging Component (WIC)

These provide partial functionality:

  • Direct3D 11.1
  • DXGI 1.2

And, for example, this component is not available:

  • DirectComposition (DComp)

See these topics for info about Direct2D, DirectWrite, and WIC with the platform update:

See these topics for info about Direct3D and DXGI with the platform update:

After the platform update has been installed, the interfaces introduced in Direct3D11.1 and DXGI 1.2 will be available with partial functionality. The features of these graphics components are tied directly to the graphics kernel components, graphics drivers, and graphics hardware. Before using Direct3D11.1 on Windows 7, be familiar with these specifics: