Codec API Enumerations

Enumeration Description
eAVAudioChannelConfig Specifies the speaker configuration for the audio channels in the audio bit stream.
eAVDDSurroundMode Specifies whether the audio is encoded in Dolby Surround.
eAVDecAACDownmixMode Specifies whether an AAC decoder uses standard MPEG-2/MPEG-4 stereo downmix equations.
eAVDecAudioDualMono Specifies whether the input audio stream is stereo or dual mono.
eAVDecAudioDualMonoReproMode Specifies how the decoder reproduces dual mono audio.
eAVDecDDOperationalMode Specifies the compression control mode for a Dolby AC-3 audio stream.
eAVDecHEAACDynamicRangeControl Specifies whether an AAC decoder performs dynamic range control.
eAVDecVideoInputScanType Specifies how the decoded video stream is interlaced.
eAVDecVideoSoftwareDeinterlaceMode Specifies a video decoder's software deinterlace mode.
eAVDecVideoSWPowerLevel Specifies the power-saving level of a video decoder.
eAVDSPLoudnessEqualization Specifies whether loudness equalization is enabled in an audio decoder or digital signal processor (DSP).
eAVDSPSpeakerFill Specifies whether speaker fill is enabled in an audio decoder or DSP.
eAVEncAudioDualMono Specifies whether 2-channel audio is encoded as stereo or dual mono.
eAVEncAudioInputContent Enumeration Specifies whether the audio content contains music or voice.
eAVEncCommonRateControlMode Specifies the rate control mode.
eAVEncCommonStreamEndHandling Specifies whether the encoder discards partial groups of pictures (GOPs) at the end of the stream.
eAVEncDDAtoDConverterType Specifies the type of analog-to-digital (A/D) conversion for a Dolby Digital audio stream.
eAVEncDDDynamicRangeCompressionControl Specifies the dynamic range control profile in a Dolby Digital audio stream.
eAVEncDDHeadphoneMode Specifies headphone mode for a Dolby Digital audio stream.
eAVEncDDPreferredStereoDownMixMode Specifies the preferred stereo downmix mode for a Dolby Digital audio stream.
eAVEncDDProductionRoomType Specifies the room type for a Dolby Digital audio stream.
eAVEncDDService Specifies the audio service contained in a Dolby Digital audio stream.
eAVEncDDSurroundExMode Specifies whether a Dolby Digital audio stream is encoded in Dolby Digital Surround EX.
eAVEncInputVideoSystem Specifies the nominal range for a video source.
eAVEncMPACodingMode Specifies the MPEG audio encoding mode.
eAVEncMPAEmphasisType Specifies the type of de-emphasis filter that should be used when decoding.
eAVEncMPALayer Specifies the MPEG audio layer.
eAVEncMPVFrameFieldMode Specifies whether the encoder produces encoded fields or encoded frames.
eAVEncMPVIntraVLCTable Specifies which variable-length coding (VLC) table to use for entropy coding.
eAVEncMPVLevel Specifies the MPEG-2 profile.
eAVEncMPVProfile Specifies the MPEG-2 profile.
eAVEncMPVQScaleType Specifies whether the quantizer scale is linear or non-linear.
eAVEncMPVScanPattern Specifies the macroblock scan pattern.
eAVEncMPVSceneDetection Specifies how the encoder behaves when it detects a new scene.
eAVEncMuxOutput Specifies the type of output stream produced by a multiplexer.
eAVEncVideoChromaResolution Specifies chroma resolution.
eAVEncVideoChromaSubsampling Specifies chroma siting.
eAVEncVideoColorLighting Specifies the intended lighting conditions for viewing a video source.
eAVEncVideoColorNominalRange Specifies the nominal range for a video source.
eAVEncVideoColorPrimaries Specifies the color primaries of the video.
eAVEncVideoColorTransferFunction Specifies the conversion function from R'G'B' to RGB.
eAVEncVideoColorTransferMatrix Specifies the conversion matrix from the Y'Cb'Cr' color space to the R'G'B' color space.
eAVEncVideoFilmContent Specifies whether the original source of the input video was film or video.
eAVEncVideoOutputFrameRateConversion Specifies whether the encoder converts the frame rate.
eAVEncVideoOutputScanType Specifies how the encoder interlaces the output video.
eAVEncVideoSourceScanType Specifies whether the input frames for an encoder are progressive or interlaced.
eAVFastDecodeMode Specifies the video decoding speed.


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