Multimedia Streaming Error and Success Codes


This API is deprecated. New applications should not use it.


The following list contains error messages and success notifications for applications that use the multimedia streaming interfaces. This list does not contain all possible errors; the errors shown apply specifically to the Microsoft® DirectShow® implementation of the multimedia streaming interfaces.

Value Hexadecimal code Description
MS_S_PENDING 0x00040001 Sample update is not yet complete.
MS_S_NOUPDATE 0x00040002 Sample was not updated after forced completion.
MS_S_ENDOFSTREAM 0x00040003 End of stream. Sample not updated.
MS_E_SAMPLEALLOC 0x80040401 An IMediaStream object could not be removed from an IMultiMediaStream object because it still contains at least one allocated sample.
MS_E_PURPOSEID 0x80040402 The specified purpose ID can't be used for the call.
MS_E_NOSTREAM 0x80040403 No stream can be found with the specified attributes.
MS_E_NOSEEKING 0x80040404 Seeking not supported for this IMultiMediaStream object.
MS_E_INCOMPATIBLE 0x80040405 The stream formats are not compatible.
MS_E_BUSY 0x80040406 The sample is busy.
MS_E_NOTINIT 0x80040407 The object can't accept the call because its initialize function or equivalent has not been called.
MS_E_SOURCEALREADYDEFINED 0x80040408 Source already defined.
MS_E_INVALIDSTREAMTYPE 0x80040409 The stream type is not valid for this operation.
MS_E_NOTRUNNING 0x8004040A The IMultiMediaStream object is not in running state.


Multimedia Streaming