Transmit DV from File to Tape

Transmit from DV AVI file to VTR tape is complicated somewhat by the fact that files can type-1 or type-2. To transmit a DV file to tape, do the following:

  1. Create an instance of the MSDV Driver filter. For more information, see Selecting a Capture Device.
  2. Make sure the device is in VTR mode. Otherwise, you cannot transmit to tape.See Device Mode.
  3. Initialize the Capture Graph Builder, as described in About the Capture Graph Builder.
  4. Build the graph. The graph configuration depends on the DV file type:
  5. Put the device into record-pause mode, as described in Controlling a DV Camcorder.
  6. Pause the filter graph. While the filter graph is paused, it sends a continuous stream that repeats the first frame of video.
  7. To start transmitting, put the device into record mode and then run the filter graph. It takes the device a certain amount of time until the recording head is able to record, so wait for about two seconds before running the graph. This might result in a few duplicated frames at the beginning of the tape, but it ensures that no data is lost.

Digital Video in DirectShow