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An Int64 column value.

The Int64ColumnValue type exposes the following members.


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Public method Int64ColumnValue



  Name Description
Public property Columnid Gets or sets the columnid to be set or retrieved. (Inherited from ColumnValue.)
Public property Error Gets the warning generated by retrieving or setting this column. (Inherited from ColumnValue.)
Public property ItagSequence Gets or sets the column itag sequence. (Inherited from ColumnValue.)
Public property Length Gets the byte length of a column value, which is zero if column is null, otherwise it matches the Size for this fixed-size column. (Inherited from ColumnValueOfStruct<T>.)
Public property RetrieveGrbit Gets or sets column retrieval options. (Inherited from ColumnValue.)
Public property SetGrbit Gets or sets column update options. (Inherited from ColumnValue.)
Protected property Size Gets the size of the value in the column. This returns 0 for variable sized columns (i.e. binary and string). (Overrides ColumnValue.Size.)
Public property Value Gets or sets the value in the struct. (Inherited from ColumnValueOfStruct<T>.)
Public property ValueAsObject Gets the last set or retrieved value of the column. The value is returned as a generic object. (Inherited from ColumnValueOfStruct<T>.)



  Name Description
Protected method CheckDataCount Make sure the retrieved data is exactly the size needed for the structure. An exception is thrown if there is a mismatch. (Inherited from ColumnValueOfStruct<T>.)
Public method Equals (Inherited from Object.)
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Protected method GetValueFromBytes Given data retrieved from ESENT, decode the data and set the value in the ColumnValue object. (Overrides ColumnValue.GetValueFromBytes([], Int32, Int32, Int32).)
Protected method MemberwiseClone (Inherited from Object.)
Public method ToString Gets a string representation of this object. (Inherited from ColumnValueOfStruct<T>.)


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