Displaying a Picture and Storing It in an Enhanced Metafile

This section contains an example demonstrating the creation of a picture and the process of storing the corresponding records in a metafile. The example draws a picture to the display or stores it in a metafile. If a display device context handle is given, it draws a picture to the screen using various GDI functions. If an enhanced metafile device context is given, it stores the same picture in the enhanced metafile.

void DrawOrStore(HWND hwnd, HDC hdcMeta, HDC hdcDisplay) 
RECT rect; 
int fnMapModeOld; 
HBRUSH hbrOld; 
// Draw it to the display DC or store it in the metafile device context.  
if (hdcMeta) 
    hDC = hdcMeta; 
    hDC = hdcDisplay; 
// Set the mapping mode in the device context.  
fnMapModeOld = SetMapMode(hDC, MM_LOENGLISH); 
// Find the midpoint of the client area.  
GetClientRect(hwnd, (LPRECT)&rect); 
DPtoLP(hDC, (LPPOINT)&rect, 2); 
// Select a gray brush.  
hbrOld = SelectObject(hDC, GetStockObject(GRAY_BRUSH)); 
// Draw a circle with a one inch radius.  
Ellipse(hDC, (rect.right/2 - 100), (rect.bottom/2 + 100), 
       (rect.right/2 + 100), (rect.bottom/2 - 100)); 
// Perform additional drawing here.  
// Set the device context back to its original state.  
SetMapMode(hDC, fnMapModeOld); 
SelectObject(hDC, hbrOld);