AppSearch Action

The AppSearch action uses file signatures to search for existing versions of products. The AppSearch action may use this information to determine where upgrades are to be installed. The AppSearch action can also be used to set a property to the existing value of an registry or .ini file entry.

Sequence Restrictions

AppSearch should be authored into the InstallUISequence table and InstallExecuteSequence table. The installer prevents the AppSearch action from running in the InstallExecuteSequence sequence if the action has already run in InstallUISequence sequence.

ActionData Messages

Field Description of action data
[1] Property holding file location.
[2] File signature.



The AppSearch action requires that the Signature table be present in the installation package. File signatures are listed in the Signature table. A signature that is not in the Signature table denotes a directory and the action sets the property to the directory path for that signature.

The AppSearch action searches for file signatures using the CompLocator table first, the RegLocator table next, then the IniLocator table, and finally the DrLocator table.