InstallFinalize Action

The InstallFinalize action runs a script that contains all operations in the action sequence since either the start of the installation or the execution of the InstallExecute or InstallExecuteAgain actions. This action marks the end of a transaction that begins with the InstallInitialize action.

Sequence Restrictions

The InstallInitialize action must come before the InstallFinalize action.

ActionData Messages

There are no ActionData messages.


If it is detected that the product is marked for complete removal, operations are automatically added to the script to remove the Add/Remove Programs in the Control Panel information for the product, to unregister and unpublish the product, and to remove the cached local database from %WINDOWS%, if it exists.

System changes made before the action may not be restored after the InstallFinalize action is executed. The InstallFinalize action updates the system with all operations determined to that point and then ends the transaction.