RemoveIniValues Action

The RemoveIniValues action removes .ini file information specified for removal in the RemoveIniFile table if the component is set to be installed locally or run-from-source. The RemoveIniValues action removes .ini file information that has been associated with a component in the IniFile table. This action also removes .ini file information if the information was written by the WriteIniValues action and the component is scheduled to be uninstalled.

Sequence Restrictions

The InstallValidate action must be called before the RemoveIniValues action. If a WriteIniValues action is used in the sequence, it must appear after RemoveIniValues.

ActionData Messages

Field Description of action data
[1] Identifier of .ini file.
[2] An .ini file key section.
[3] Item removed from .ini file.
[4] Value removed from .ini file.


RemoveIniFile table

IniFile table

WriteIniValues action