Using Evalcom2

Evalcom2.dll can be used to implement validation operations for installation packages and merge modules using Internal Consistency Evaluators - ICEs. The main object implements interfaces for C/C++ programs.

The main object also implements Evalcom2 interfaces for C/C++ programs. The CLSID required to obtain the interface from CoCreateInstance is {6E5E1910-8053-4660-B795-6B612E29BC58}. The REFIID is {E482E5C6-E31E-4143-A2E6-DBC3D8E4B8D3}.

You can use the following procedure to implement validation operations.

To implement validation operations

  1. Initialize COM on the calling thread using CoInitialize.
  2. Obtain the pointer to the IValidate interface using CoCreateInstance.
  3. Open the installation package or merge module using the OpenDatabase method.
  4. Open the evaluation file using the OpenCUB method.
  5. Set the display callback function using the SetDisplay method.
  6. Set the status callback function using the SetStatus method.
  7. Perform the validation using the Validate method.
  8. Close the .cub file using the CloseCUB method.
  9. Close the database using the CloseDatabase method.
  10. Release the IValidate interface.
  11. Uninitialize COM using CoUninitialize.

Evalcom2 Interfaces

Validation Automation

Validation Callback Functions