About Remote Access Service

Remote Access Service (RAS) provides remote access capabilities to client applications on computers running Windows.

RAS applications can perform the following tasks:

  • Display any of the RAS common dialog boxes. This includes the main Dial-Up Networking dialog box, the Dial-Up Networking Monitor property sheet, and other dialog boxes for creating, editing, copying, or dialing a phone-book entry.
  • Start and end a RAS connection operation using the common dialog boxes or the low-level dialing functions.
  • Create, edit, or copy phone-book entries using the common dialog boxes or the low-level phone-book functions.
  • Work with entries in the RAS AutoDial mapping database. This database maps network addresses to the phone-book entry that can establish a connection to the address.
  • Get RAS information, including information about existing RAS connections, information about the RAS-capable devices configured on the local computer, and notifications when a RAS connection begins or ends.

Windows NT 4.0 also provides support for RAS server administration and for third-party extensions to RAS server security and connection management. Windows 95 does not provide RAS server support.

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