CMC Extensions

Extensions are included in a CMC request by adding them to the TaggedAttributes structure shown in the following ASN.1 syntax example. For more information, see the Attributes topic.

CmcData ::= SEQUENCE 
   controlSequence         ControlSequence,
   reqSequence             ReqSequence,
   cmsSequence             CmsSequence,
   otherMsgSequence        OtherMsgSequence

ControlSequence  ::=    SEQUENCE OF TaggedAttribute

TaggedAttribute ::= SEQUENCE 
   bodyPartID              BodyPartID,
   type                    EncodedObjectID,
   values                  AttributeSetValue

BodyPartID ::= INTEGER (0..4294967295)
AttributeSetValue ::= SET OF ANY

Each structure in the TaggedAttributes collection contains an integer ID, an ASN.1 object identifier (OID), and a set of values. Extensions are incorporated into a request by adding a CmcAddExtensions structure to the values field. The ASN.1 structure syntax is shown in the following example. The object identifier is XCN_OID_CMC_ADD_EXTENSIONS (

CmcAddExtensions ::= SEQUENCE 
   pkiDataReference        BodyPartID,
   certReferences          BodyPartIDSequence,
   extensions              Extensions

Extensions ::= SEQUENCE OF Extension

Extension ::= SEQUENCE 
   extnId              EncodedObjectID,
   critical            BOOLEAN DEFAULT FALSE,
   extnValue           OCTETSTRING

The following procedure discusses how to use the Certificate Enrollment API to add extensions to a CMC certificate request.

To use the Certificate Enrollment API to add extensions to a CMC certificate request

  1. Create an extension by using any of the available interfaces that derive from the IX509Extension interface or use the IX509Extension object directly to create custom extensions.
  2. Call the X509Extensions property on the IX509CertificateRequestCmc object to retrieve an IX509Extensions collection.
  3. Add the extensions created in step 1 to the IX509Extensions collection.
  4. Call Enroll to automatically perform the following actions:


Attribute Architecture

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