How to Include an Application in the Open With Dialog Box

Illustrates how to ensure your application appears in the Open With menu and dialog box for desktop apps, and is available as a default Windows Store app for specified file types.


For each file type, add your application to the OpenWithProgIds registry subkey.

Add your ProgID as a value name, with the value type of either REG_NONE or REG_SZ and an empty string as the data value.

The following registry examples show entries associating InfoPath and for Microsoft Visual Studio with the XML file type.

         InfoPath.Document.3 REG_SZ
         VisualStudio.xml.10.0 REG_SZ


The OpenWithProgids subkey is preferred to OpenWithList to identify an application. For more information on these subkeys, see Setting Optional Subkeys and File Type Extension Attributes.

OpenWithList is intended only for legacy apps (must be .exe only) on operating systems prior to Windows XP.