User Profiles Reference

The following API elements are used with user profiles.


Function Description
CreateEnvironmentBlock Retrieves the environment variables for the specified user.
CreateProfile Creates a new user profile. (Windows Vista and later only.)
DeleteProfile Deletes the user profile and all user-related settings from the specified computer.
DestroyEnvironmentBlock Frees environment variables created by the CreateEnvironmentBlock function.
ExpandEnvironmentStringsForUser Expands the source string by using the environment block established for the specified user.
GetAllUsersProfileDirectory Retrieves the path to the root of the All Users profile.
GetDefaultUserProfileDirectory Retrieves the path to the root of the Default User profile.
GetProfilesDirectory Retrieves the path to the root directory where all user profiles are stored.
GetProfileType Retrieves the type of profile loaded for the current user.
GetUserProfileDirectory Retrieves the path to the root directory of the specified user's profile.
LoadUserProfile Loads the specified user's profile.
UnloadUserProfile Unloads a user's profile that was loaded by the LoadUserProfile function.


The CreateUserProfileEx function is not supported.


Structure Description
PROFILEINFO Contains information about a user profile.