ITablet interface

Represents a tablet attached to the computer.


The ITablet interface inherits from the IUnknown interface. ITablet also has these types of members:


The ITablet interface has these methods.

Method Description
CreateContext Creates a context object that describes the specified tablet device.
GetCursor Retrieves the specified ITabletCursor object.
GetCursorCount Retrieves the number of cursor objects associated with the tablet.
GetDefaultContextSettings Retrieves the default context settings for the tablet.
GetHardwareCaps Retrieves a value that represents the capabilities of the tablet hardware.
GetMaxInputRect Retrieves a rectangle that represents maximum input area of the tablet.
GetName Retrieves a string containing the name of the tablet device.
GetPlugAndPlayId Retrieves a string containing the Plug and Play ID for the tablet device.
GetPropertyMetrics Retrieves the metrics data for a specified property.


Developers should not use this interface.

The following code describes how the ITablet interface is defined.

interface ITablet : IUnknown
    HRESULT GetDefaultContextSettings(

    HRESULT CreateContext(
        [in] HWND hWnd,
        [in, unique] RECT *prcInput,
        [in] DWORD dwOptions,
        [in, unique] TABLET_CONTEXT_SETTINGS *pTCS,
        [in] CONTEXT_ENABLE_TYPE cet,
        [out] ITabletContext **ppCtx,
        [in, out, unique] TABLET_CONTEXT_ID *pTcid,
        [in, out, unique] PACKET_DESCRIPTION **ppPD,
        [in, unique] ITabletEventSink *pSink);

    HRESULT GetName(
        [out] LPWSTR *ppwszName);

    HRESULT GetMaxInputRect(
        [out] RECT *prcInput);

    HRESULT GetHardwareCaps(
        [out] DWORD *pdwCaps);

    HRESULT GetPropertyMetrics(
        [in] REFGUID rguid,
        [out] PROPERTY_METRICS *pPM);

    HRESULT GetPlugAndPlayId(
        [out] LPWSTR *ppwszPPId);

    HRESULT GetCursorCount(
        [out] ULONG *pcCurs);

    HRESULT GetCursor(
        [in] ULONG iCur,
        [out] ITabletCursor **ppCur);


Requirement Value
Minimum supported client
Windows XP Tablet PC Edition [desktop apps only]
Minimum supported server
None supported