TAPI 2.2 Overview

The Microsoft Telephony Application Programming Interface (TAPI) version 2.2 is a C-based interface that allows developers to implement a range of communications applications. The following material presents overview information specific to using TAPI 2.2. Primary overview material is contained in Microsoft Telephony Programming Model. Familiarity with this material is assumed.

  • TAPI Versioning covers the available versions of TAPI, how they are distributed, and how your application can negotiate the version of TAPI to be used..
  • Session Access covers some call session material specific to TAPI 2.2 (TAPI/C). See the general overview on Session Control for primary reference on call session operations and information.
  • Device Access covers capabilities specific to TAPI 2.2 (TAPI/C). See the general overview on Device Control for primary reference on device information and operations.
  • Media Access covers material on the media information and controls available to a TAPI 2.2 application. The media service providers give you access to more detailed controls, but only TAPI 3 (TAPI/COM) applications can use their capabilities. See About the Media Service Provider for additional information.
  • Call Center Control covers material on building Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) applications using TAPI 2.2. For TAPI 3.x, see Call Center Controls.
  • Phone Devices covers the supplementary phone device controls supplied by TAPI 2.2 (TAPI/C).