Volume Shadow Copy API Enumerations

The following enumerations are defined in the Volume Shadow Copy API.

Name Description
VSS_ALTERNATE_WRITER_STATE Defines the set of valid states used to indicate whether a writer has an associated alternate writer.
VSS_APPLICATION_LEVEL Defines the set of valid application levels.
VSS_BACKUP_SCHEMA Defines the set of backup schemas—operations a writer can participate in.
VSS_BACKUP_TYPE Defines the set of backup types.
VSS_COMPONENT_FLAGS Indicates support for auto-recovery.
VSS_COMPONENT_TYPE Defines the set of component types.
VSS_FILE_RESTORE_STATUS Defines the set of statuses of a file restore operation.
VSS_FILE_SPEC_BACKUP_TYPE Defines the set of backup operations supported by writers.
_VSS_HARDWARE_OPTIONS Defines shadow copy LUN flags.
VSS_MGMT_OBJECT_TYPE Discriminant for the VSS_MGMT_OBJECT_UNION union within the VSS_MGMT_OBJECT_PROP structure.
VSS_OBJECT_TYPE Used to identify an object as a shadow copy set, shadow copy, or provider.
VSS_PROTECTION_FAULT Defines the set of shadow copy protection faults.
VSS_PROTECTION_LEVEL Defines the set of volume shadow copy protection levels.
VSS_PROVIDER_CAPABILITIES Reserved for future use.
VSS_PROVIDER_TYPE Defines the set of provider types.
VSS_RECOVERY_OPTIONS Used by a requester to specify how a resynchronization operation is to be performed.
VSS_RESTORE_TARGET Defines the set of restore targets.
VSS_RESTORE_TYPE Defines the set of restore operation to be performed.
VSS_RESTOREMETHOD_ENUM Defines the set of default file restore methods for a writer.
VSS_ROLLFORWARD_TYPE Used by a requester to indicate the type of roll-forward operation it is about to perform.
VSS_SNAPSHOT_COMPATIBILITY Defines the set of volume control or file I/O operations that can be disabled for a volume that has been shadow copied.
_VSS_SNAPSHOT_CONTEXT Specifies how a shadow copy is to be created, queried, or deleted and the degree of writer involvement.
VSS_SNAPSHOT_STATE Defines the set of states of a shadow copy operation.
VSS_SOURCE_TYPE Defines the set of types of data that a writer can manage.
VSS_SUBSCRIBE_MASK Defines the set of events that a writer can receive.
VSS_USAGE_TYPE Specifies how the host system uses the data managed by a writer.
_VSS_VOLUME_SNAPSHOT_ATTRIBUTES Defines the set of attributes of a shadow copy.
VSS_WRITER_STATE Defines the set of states of the writer.
VSS_WRITERRESTORE_ENUM Defines the set of conditions under which a writer will handle events generated during a restore operation.