ARIA Presentation Table Error


Table used for layout must not have header, accessible name or summary information defined (th, summary, aria-describedby, aria-labelledby, aria-label, title, caption attributes).




This error applies to HTML table tags that have the role attribute set to "presentation", or with a table that has a single cell (1×1 table).

This error indicates that a table is marked as layout only (has role="presentation"), but it also contains accessibility information as if it was a data table, which can be confusing for screen reader users.

To address this error, determine whether the table actually is just a layout table and, if so, remove the accessible markup:


html for a table element, with attributes such as summary that trigger the aria presentation table error shown as struck-out html markup


If you determine that a table does need accessibility information, remove the role attribute or set it to a value other than "presentation".