Windows Internet


The Microsoft Windows Internet (WinINet) application programming interface (API) enables applications to access standard Internet protocols, such as FTP and HTTP. For ease of use, WinINet abstracts these protocols into a high-level interface.

Where applicable

WinINet does not support server implementations. In addition, it should not be used from a service. For server implementations or services use Microsoft Windows HTTP Services (WinHTTP).

Developer audience

WinINet is designed for use by C/C++ programmers. It requires a basic understanding of the FTP and HTTP protocols.

Run-time requirements

Applications that use the WinINet API require Windows NT 4.0 or later, or Windows Me/98/95. For more information about which operating systems or components are required to use a particular programming element, see the Requirements section of the documentation.

In this section

Topic Description
About Windows Internet
General information about the Windows Internet API.
Using Windows Internet
Programming guide for the Windows Internet API.
Windows Internet Reference
Reference documentation for the Windows Internet API.

Microsoft Windows HTTP Services (WinHTTP)