Windows Runtime base data types

This table lists the base data types that are supported by the Windows Runtime, and indicates the corresponding type in C#, Visual Basic, and C++.

Data type JavaScript C# VB C++
Boolean Boolean bool Boolean bool
Byte Number byte Byte unsigned char
Char String char Char unsigned char
Char16 String char Char wchar_t
DateTime Date DateTimeOffset DateTimeOffset DateTime
Double Number double Double double
Guid String Guid Guid Guid
Int16 Number short Short short
Int32 Number int Integer int
Int64 Number long Long __int64
Object Object object Object Object^
Point Point Point Point Point
Rect Rect Rect Rect Rect
Single Number float Single float
Size Size Size Size Size
String String string String String^
TimeSpan Number TimeSpan TimeSpan TimeSpan
UInt8 Number byte Byte unsigned char
UInt16 Number ushort UShort unsigned short
UInt32 Number uint UInteger unsigned int
UInt64 Number ulong ULong unsigned __int64
Uri Uri Uri Uri Uri^
Void Undefined void Void void


The following table indicates the .NET types that correspond to the Windows Runtime data types.

Windows Runtime .NET
Boolean System.Boolean
Byte System.Byte
Char System.Char
Char16 System.Char
DateTime System.DateTimeOffset
Double System.Double
Guid System.Guid
Int16 System.Int16
Int32 System.Int32
Int64 System.Int64
Object System.Object
Single System.Single
String System.String
TimeSpan System.TimeSpan
UInt8 System.Byte
UInt16 System.UInt16
UInt32 System.UInt32
UInt64 System.UInt64
Uri System.Uri
Void System.Void