CimMofDeserializer.DeserializeClasses method (Byte[], UInt32)

Deserializes CIM classes based on serialized data.

Namespace:   Microsoft.Management.Infrastructure.Serialization
Assembly:  Microsoft.Management.Infrastructure (in Microsoft.Management.Infrastructure.dll)


public IEnumerable<CimClass> DeserializeClasses(
    byte[] serializedData,
    ref uint offset
IEnumerable<CimClass^>^ DeserializeClasses(
    array<unsigned char>^ serializedData,
    unsigned int% offset
member DeserializeClasses : 
        serializedData:byte[] *
        offset:uint32 byref -> IEnumerable<CimClass>
Public Function DeserializeClasses (
    serializedData As Byte(),
    ByRef offset As UInteger
) As IEnumerable(CimClass)


  • serializedData
    Type: System.Byte[]

    A buffer that contains the serialized data.

  • offset
    Type: System.UInt32

    The byte offset to the location at which to begin reading the data. When the method returns, the offset will be pointing to the next byte after the deserialized classes.

Return value

Type: System.Collections.Generic.IEnumerable<CimClass>

An IEnumerable<T> interface that can be used to enumerate the CIM classes.

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