WMI Infrastructure Objects and Values

This section includes information about WMI qualifiers, Managed Object Format (MOF) syntax, performance counter types, and other data used by WMI providers, scripts, and applications.


Defines values that specify different CIM data types.

MOF Data Types

A list of data types supported by the MOF language.

WMI Events

A list of messages WMI writes to logs.

WMI Performance Counter Types

A list of counter types that designate the formulas required to obtain calculated performance counters.

WMI Qualifiers

A list of the qualifiers supported by WMI.

WMI Return Codes

A list of the symbolic constants, literal values, and descriptions returned by WMI in HRESULT.

WMI Security

A list of objects used in security descriptors and constants used in methods that manipulate security descriptors or privileges.

WMI System Properties

A list of properties used for the internal operations of WMI. Similar to the WMI system classes, you can recognize them because the name begins with a double underscore (__).

WMI Reference