The image attribute specifies or retrieves the name of the file containing the images corresponding to the various states of the custom slider.


Possible Values

This attribute is a read/write String containing the name of an image file.


The image attribute is required. It specifies an image file that consists of one or more sub-images, arranged either horizontally or vertically, representing the various states of the custom slider. Each sub-image must have the same dimensions as the positionImage or the custom slider will not work correctly. The height or width of the overall image must therefore be an even multiple of the height or width of the positionImage.

The supported image file types are BMP, JPG, PNG, and GIF (not including animated GIFs).


The following is an example of a custom slider image. The corresponding positionImage is shown in the example section of the positionImage property.

sample customslider image

The positionImage attribute also contains a code sample illustrating how the attributes of the CUSTOMSLIDER element are used.


Requirement Value
Windows Media Player version 7.0 or later

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