AppWindow.ShowOnceWithRequestedStartupState Method


Shows the window with the default presenter in the requested state.

 virtual void ShowOnceWithRequestedStartupState() = ShowOnceWithRequestedStartupState;
void ShowOnceWithRequestedStartupState();
public void ShowOnceWithRequestedStartupState();
function showOnceWithRequestedStartupState()
Public Sub ShowOnceWithRequestedStartupState ()


ShowOnceWithRequestedStartupState is the equivalent of calling ShowWindow(SW_SHOWDEFAULT). It uses the show mode specified in the STARTUPINFO struct, if specified. This applies to the default presenter (OverlappedPresenter). Check the OverlappedPresenter.RequestedStartupState property to determine the presenter state (Maximized, Minimized, or Restored) that will result from calling the ShowOnceWithRequestedStartupState method.

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