Getting Started with the Xamarin Community Toolkit

The toolkit is available as a NuGet package that can be added to any existing or new project using Visual Studio.

  1. Open an existing project, or create a new project using the Blank Forms App template.

  2. In the Solution Explorer panel, right click on your project name and select Manage NuGet Packages. Search for Xamarin.CommunityToolkit, and choose the desired NuGet Package from the list.

    NuGet Package.

  3. To add the namespace to the toolkit:

    • In your C# page, add:

      using Xamarin.CommunityToolkit;
    • In your XAML page, add the namespace attribute:

  4. Check out the rest of the documentation to learn more about implementing specific features.

Xamarin Show: Xamarin Community Toolkit introduction video

Other resources

Download the Xamarin Community Toolkit Sample App from the repository to see the controls in an actual app.

We recommend developers who are new to Xamarin.Forms to visit the Get started with Xamarin documentation.

Visit the Xamarin Community Toolkit GitHub Repository to see the current source code, what is coming next, and clone the repository. Community contributions are welcome!