UI Controls Comparison

Below is a comparison of Xamarin.Forms controls with Windows Forms and WPF, based on this table.

Read more about the similarities and differences between WPF and Xamarin.Forms to help update your desktop knowledge for mobile app development.

Windows Forms WPF Xamarin.Forms
BindingNavigator - -
BindingSource CollectionViewSource Binding property, eg. BindingContext
Button Button Button
CheckBox CheckBox Switch
CheckedListBox ListBox with composition. ListView with composition.
ColorDialog - -
ComboBox ComboBox (does not support auto-complete) Picker
ContextMenuStrip ContextMenu -
DataGridView DataGrid -
DateTimePicker DatePicker DatePicker & TimePicker
DomainUpDown TextBox and two RepeatButton controls. Stepper
ErrorProvider - -
FlowLayoutPanel WrapPanel or StackPanel StackLayout or FlexLayout
FolderBrowserDialog - -
FontDialog - -
Form Window Page
GroupBox GroupBox -
HelpProvider No equivalent control (use ToolTips). -
HScrollBar ScrollBar (Scrolling is built into container controls) use ScrollView
ImageList - -
Label Label Label
LinkLabel No equivalent control (you can use the Hyperlink class to host hyperlinks within flow content). -
ListBox ListBox Use ListView
ListView ListView ListView
MaskedTextBox - -
MenuStrip Menu Consider MasterDetailPage or TabbedPage
MonthCalendar Calendar -
NotifyIcon - -
NumericUpDown TextBox and two RepeatButton controls. Stepper
OpenFileDialog OpenFileDialog -
PageSetupDialog - -
Panel Canvas View or AbsoluteLayout
PictureBox Image Image
PrintDialog PrintDialog -
PrintDocument - -
PrintPreviewControl DocumentViewer -
PrintPreviewDialog - -
ProgressBar ProgressBar ProgressBar
PropertyGrid - -
RadioButton RadioButton -
RichTextBox RichTextBox Editor does not support rich (formatted) text, Entry for single line text
SaveFileDialog SaveFileDialog -
ScrollableControl ScrollViewer ScrollView
SoundPlayer MediaPlayer -
SplitContainer GridSplitter Consider MasterDetailPage
StatusStrip StatusBar -
TabControl TabControl TabbedPage
TableLayoutPanel Grid Grid
TextBox TextBox Editor does not support rich (formatted) text
Timer DispatcherTimer Device.StartTime()
ToolStrip ToolBar Page.ToolbarItems and ToolbarItem
ToolStripContainer, ToolStripDropDown, ToolStripDropDownMenu, ToolStripPanel ToolBar with composition. Page.ToolbarItems and ToolbarItem with composition
ToolTip ToolTip Use Accessibility features
TrackBar Slider Slider
TreeView TreeView Consider hierarchical ListView in a NavigationPage
UserControl UserControl View and also Custom Renderers
VScrollBar ScrollBar use ScrollView
WebBrowser WebBrowser WebView