Installing tvOS Support in Xamarin


To start experimenting with Xamarin's preview support for iOS 12 and tvOS 12, read the iOS 12 getting started guide.

Apple has released the Apple TV 4K and tvOS 11. The Apple TV platform is open to developers, allowing them to create rich, immersive apps and release them through the Apple TV's built-in App Store.

Xamarin.iOS 11 and later support the tvOS 11 SDK that ships with Apple's Xcode 9.


To build tvOS apps with Xamarin:

  1. Install the latest XcodeDownload the latest version of Xcode and install it. Without Xcode installed, it will not be possible to build Xamarin apps.
  2. Run Xcode – After installing Xcode, start it once before updating and running Visual Studio for Mac. Xcode will install some tools that Xamarin requires.
  3. Install the latest stable Xamarin release - Update to the latest stable Xamarin release.