Xamarin Docs What's New (August 2019)

Welcome to what's new in Xamarin docs for August 2019. Listed below are some of the recent docs we've published.

New sample code browser

Over 700 Xamarin samples are now available on the recently-launched code sample browser. Individual pages link to GitHub or let you download a ZIP file containing the sample.

Xamarin.Forms 4.2

Xamarin.Forms 4.2 was released in August, and includes the following new and updated content:

In addition, while CollectionView remains in preview, the following docs have been updated:

User interface

The following content is new:


The following content is new:

In addition, the following content has received substantial updates:

We also updated our landing pages for each top-level topic, to give them a cleaner look:

Community contributors

We'd like to recognize the following people, who've contributed to Xamarin docs since our last release notes:

  • Nick Schonning
  • Timo Salomäki
  • Mohamed Elshawaf
  • Brian Runck
  • Chad Ramos
  • Michael DePouw
  • Sameer Khandekar
  • Mathew Grabau
  • Markus Gasser
  • Eric Mutta
  • Dmitri Plotnikov
  • Andreas Nesheim
  • Jared Ping
  • Buddy Reno
  • Yoichi Nakamura
  • Matt Cartwright
  • Kevin Bost
  • Edward Brey