SkiaSharp Drawing Basics

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Learn the basics of SkiaSharp graphics concepts and coordinates

After you have added the SkiaSharp NuGet package to your Xamarin.Forms application, you can begin using SkiaSharp graphics. The SkiaSharpFormsDemos solution includes numerous pages that demonstrate SkiaSharp programming techniques in progressively more advanced lessons.

All the sample programs in this section appear under the heading SkiaSharp Drawing Basics in the home page of the SkiaSharpFormsDemos program, and in the Basics folder of the solution.

Drawing a Simple Circle

Learn the basics of SkiaSharp drawing, including canvases and paint objects.

Integrating with Xamarin.Forms

Create interactive SkiaSharp graphics by responding to touch input and integrating with Xamarin.Forms elements.

Pixels and Device-Independent Units

Explore the differences between SkiaSharp coordinates and Xamarin.Forms coordinates.

Basic Animation

Discover how to animate your SkiaSharp graphics.

Integrating Text and Graphics

See how to determine the size of rendered text strings to integrate text with SkiaSharp graphics.

Bitmap Basics

Load bitmaps from various sources and display them.


Use transparency to combine multiple images into a composite scene.