Mobile for bidders

Buying mobile inventory is very similar to buying other seller-specific external supply on Xandr. This page walks you through the process.


For full bid request documentation, see Bid Request.

Creative specifications

At this time, only creatives conforming to the following specifications can serve on mobile inventory:

  • Type
    • Standard Banners, including MRAID
    • Additional rich media creative types will be supported in the future
  • Size
    • 300x50
    • 300x250
    • 320x50
    • 728x90
  • Format
    • Html
    • JavaScript
    • Image (jpg, gif, png)

Buying mobile inventory

Step 1: Ensure that you accept mobile bid requests

Bidder profiles allow you to filter for the bid requests that you want to receive. To accept mobile bid requests, you must allow the following values within an existing bidder profile or create a new bidder profile specifically for mobile bid requests:

Field Value
supply_type "mobile_app", "mobile_web"

For more details about updating or creating bidder profiles, see Legacy Bidder Profile Service.

Step 2: Target and bid on mobile inventory

When Xandr receives an impression from mobile supply sources, Xandr routes these through a publisher, site, and tag ID combination, in increasing order of granularity. The Xandr bid request includes these IDs, allowing you to target specific slices of mobile inventory. For more information on the content of the inventory, contact your Xandr representative.

The Xandr bid request for a mobile impression includes other fields that may be useful for your bidder to target. These fields include:

  • operating_system
  • browser
  • language
  • ip_address
  • device_make
  • device_model
  • device_type
  • device_ids
  • carrier
  • loc (only available on small percentage of impressions)
  • app_id

Step 3: Receive auction results

The Xandr Notify request is essential to tracking when an impression is served, the win price of the impression, and to provide you with any custom notify data you may have included with the bid.

Fields supported by mobile bid requests

Mobile-specific data

Field Scope Type Description
app_id some string Global App ID for Android and iOS devices.
For example, for Angry Birds app:
Android device:
"app_id" : "com.rovio.angrybirds"
iOS device:
"app_id" : "343200656" or "com.clickgamer.AngryBirds"
loc some string Location of the user, provided in terms of latitude and longitude.
Expressed in the format "snnn.ddd,snnn.ddd", for example +123.456 or -456.123. South and west are represented as negative. There can be a maximum of 5 decimal places of precision.
carrier some int The ID for the carrier. You can use the Carrier Service to map carrier IDs to names and countries. A special carrier "WIFI" exists for users connecting via WiFi.
device_make some int The ID of the device make on which the ad will be shown. You can use the Device Make Service to map device make IDs to names.
device_model some int The ID of the device model on which the ad will be shown. You can use the Device Model Service to map device model IDs to names.
device_type some int The ID of the type of device on which the ad will be shown. This is represented by an integer, and can be looked up using the Device Model Service. Allowed values, and their meanings:
- 1 = "pc"
- 2 = "phone"
- 3 = "tablet"

Device IDs

Field Scope Type Description
windowsadid some String The Microsoft Advertising ID for Windows 8 and Windows Phone devices.
idfa some string The Apple advertising identifier for iOS devices running iOS 6+.
aaid some string The Google advertising identifier for Android devices as retrieved from Google Play services.
sha1udid some string The SHA1 hash of the ANDROID_ID.
md5udid some string The MD5 hash of the ANDROID_ID.
sha1mac some string sha1mac was deprecated as of May 7th, 2019. Do not use.
openudid some string The OpenUDID of the device. This should only be sent for iOS versions 5 and below.

Examples of request/response chain

Bid request

    "bid_request": {
        "timestamp": "2013-09-19 17:46:12",
        "bidder_timeout_ms": 200,
        "members": [],
        "member_ad_profile_id": 244,
        "tags": [
                "auction_id_64": 7537677183577325000,
                "size": "400x50",
                "sizes": [
                "smaller_sizes_allowed": true,
                "position": "unknown",
                "tag_format": "javascript",
                "supply_type": "mobile_app",
                "site_id": 253281,
                "creative_formats_map": "1111111111",
                "creative_formats": [
                "visibility_profile_id": 139,
                "venue_id": 114622,
                "allowed_media_types": [
                "media_subtypes": [],
                "ecp": 1,
                "eap": 0.5,
                "giveup_price": 0.001,
                "exclusive_default": true,
                "id": 1363482
        "bid_info": {
            "user_id_64": 4699689268642942000,
            "no_cookies": false,
            "payment_rule_id": 110382,
            "selling_member_id": 2066,
            "no_flash": false,
            "user_agent": "Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; CPU iPhone OS 5_0 like Mac OS X) AppleWebKit/534.46 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/5.1 Mobile/9A334 Safari/7534.48.3",
            "browser": 12,
            "operating_system": 8,
            "operating_system_extended": 68,
            "operating_system_family": 3,
            "carrier": 26,
            "device_make": 26,
            "device_model": 301,
            "device_type": 2,
            "device_ids": {"idfa": "0acf25e9-d278-49f5-9774-b37bfce3f34c" },
            "language": 11,
            "accepted_languages": "en-US,en;q=0.8",
            "ip_address": "",
            "country": "AU",
            "loc": "45.00000,45.00000",
            "within_iframe": false,
            "publisher_id": 128528,
            "url": "",
            "domain": "",
            "userdata_json": "{}",
            "segments": [],
            "prefer_learn": false

Bid response

    "bid_response": {
        "responses": [
                "auction_id_64": 7537677183577325000,
                "price": 1,
                "member_id": 331,
                "creative_id": 694408,
                "is_cpm": true,
                "exclusive": "true",
                "roadblock": false,
                "learn": false,
                "userdata_js": "uf('a', 87089, 1379612772);uf('r', 694408, 1379612772);",

The bid response allows custom notify data, which will be returned in the subsequent notifications.