Microsoft Curate - Partner Center screen - Buyer view

On the Partner Center screen you can view your preferred partners, search all sellers, and review impression and click statistics for each seller.

Getting to the Partner Center screen

Go to Admin > Partner Center to reach the Partner Center screen.

Managing your profile

Click the My Profile button to edit the information that sellers will see on your Partner Details page. Your profile provides information about your company which helps sellers understand how you could be useful as a partner.

Viewing sellers

The Sellers tab lists all sellers, both Curate members and external suppliers. Their member name and ID will display along with statistics for each seller. The Platform-wide Avails. columns will display statistics on all of the seller's transactions across the platform. The Transactions with Seller columns will display statistics on your transactions with the seller.

See Searching for Sellers to find a specific type of seller. and then review the statistics to determine if you'd like to partner with the seller.

Platform-wide avails

  • Avg. Daily Imps - The average of the number of impressions the seller has sold across the entire platform for the past 7 days.
  • Avg. Daily Uniques - The average of the number of impressions shown to unique user IDs that the seller has sold across the entire platform for the past 7 days.

Transactions with seller

  • Imps - The number of impressions that you have purchased from the seller.
  • Media Costs - The cost of all of the impressions that you have purchased from the seller.
  • Clicks - The number of clicks that were generated from inventory that you purchased from the seller.
  • CTR - Your click-through rate on the seller's inventory. For more information on click-through rates see Glossary.
  • Convs - The number of conversions that were attributed to inventory that you purchased from the seller.
  • Revenue - The amount of revenue that the seller earned from you.
  • Profit - The amount of profit that the seller earned from you, calculated by subtracting media cost from revenue.

Seller eligibility, history, and deals


Get to Know Microsoft Advertising direct Microsoft Advertising Direct is a group of 100+ Microsoft Advertising sellers we have identified as mostly selling owned and operated inventory or selling through exclusive relationships with publishers.

For more information, please see Microsoft Advertising Direct or contact or your Microsoft Advertising account manager.

  • Seller Group - Shows if the seller is labeled as Microsoft Advertising Direct.
  • Eligibility - Shows the transaction eligibility between members. A buyer may block a seller, a seller may block a buyer, or both buyer and seller may be blocked by each other. Status is indicated by the circular eligibility icon in each row, and you can mouse over the row in the Eligibility column for details.
  • Deals - Number of deals available to you from this seller.
  • Join Date - Shows the date a member was added. If less than a year, the exact date will show; if over a year, the join date will show as +1 year.

Searching for sellers

Use the filters to search the Sellers list for a seller that meets your partnership needs. You can filter the list of sellers by:

  • Name/ID - A specific seller's name or member ID.
  • Primary Market - The country in which the seller sold 50% or more of their total RTB impressions. Sellers who do not sell 50% or more in a single country will not have a primary market.
  • Seller Eligibility - Eligibility settings you have defined for sellers.

Click the Hide Search Filters "<" icon to collapse the section and provide more space to view your partner lists.

Viewing partnership details

Click on a partner's name to view Partner Details so you can manage your relationship with a specific seller by reviewing spending trends, packages, and active and upcoming deals. See Partnership Details Screen.