Video Mediation Demand report

The Video Mediation Demand Report can be used by video mediation clients to evaluate performance of mediated networks and optimize waterfall priorities. The report incorporates mediation and financial data as well as data on individual partner waterfall performance that will be made available through updates to the video mediation framework.

For instructions on retrieving a report, see Report Service or the examples below.

Time frame

The report_interval field in the JSON request can be set to one of the following:

  • custom
  • today
  • last_24_hours
  • yesterday
  • last_48_hours
  • last_7_days
  • last_14_days
  • month_to_date
  • month_to_yesterday
  • last_30_days


To run a report for a custom time frame, set the start_date and end_date fields in your report request. For more details about these fields, see Report Service.

Data retention period

Data retention period for this report is 45 days.


Column Type Filter? Example Description
hour time Yes "2010-02-01 06:00:00" The hour of the auction.
day time Yes "2010-02-01" The day of the auction.
month time Yes "2010-02" The month of the auction.
buyer_member_id int Yes 123 The ID of the buyer member.
seller_member_id int Yes 675 The ID of the buyer member.
publisher_id int Yes 321 The ID of the publisher.
publisher_name string No "Test" The name of the publisher.
publisher string No "Test (123)" The name and ID of the publisher.
geo_country string Yes "US" The code for the geographic country.
geo_country_name string No "United States" The name of the geographic country.
site_id int Yes 194 The ID of the site.

Note: For impressions older than 100 days, the site_id will be 0.
site_name string No "Site Name" The name of the site.
site string No "Site Name(194)" The name and ID of the site.
tag_id int Yes 675 The placement id with visibility profile.
placement_code string No "Ivillage Code" The custom code for the placement.
placement_name string No "Ivillage 160x600" The name of the placement.

Note: For impressions older than 100 days, placements will be aggregated into one row with "All placement data older than 100 days" as the placement_name.
placement string No "Ivillage 160x600 (675)" The name and ID of the placement.
media_type string No "video" The general display style of the creative (banner, expandable, video, etc.)
media_type_id int Yes 3 The ID associated with the media type.
device_type string No "Laptop" The name for the type of device where the creative is displayed.
mediated_network_id int Yes 121 The ID of the mediated network.
mediated_network_name string No "MediatedNW" The name of the mediated network.
mediated_bid_id int Yes 177 The ID of the mediated bid.
mediated_bid_name string No "MediatedBidOne" The name of the mediated bid.
call_type string Yes "Open RTB" The type of the ad request call.
operating_system_family_id int Yes 3 The ID for an operating system family (Linux, Windows etc.)
operating_system_family_name string No "Linux" The name of an operating system family.
waterfall_position int Yes 90 The 0-based position of the creative in the video waterfall.
waterfall_depth int Yes 8 The depth of the video waterfall.
video_operating_system_id int Yes 9 The ID of the operating system of the video waterfall.
video_operating_system_name string No "Mac OS" The name of the operating system of the video waterfall.


Column Type Example Formula Description
imps int 2340 imps The total number of impressions (served and resold).
mediation_requests int 5660 mediation_requests The total number of mediation requests.
mediation_responses int 7789 mediation_responses The total number of successful video mediation responses where a valid video creative was returned and unwrapped.
mediation_response_no_bid int 2000 mediation_response_no_bid The number of video mediation no-bid responses.
mediation_response_timeout int 677 mediation_response_timeout The number of video mediation timeouts.
mediation_response_error int 899 mediation_response_error The number of video mediation error responses.
mediation_latency int 77 mediation_latency The average video mediation latency.
waterfall_inclusions int 54 waterfall_inclusions The number of video waterfall inclusions.
average_waterfall_depth int 7 average_waterfall_depth The average video waterfall depth.
average_waterfall_latency int 6 average_waterfall_latency The average video waterfall latency.
waterfall_ad_load_attempts int 110 waterfall_ad_load_attempts The number of video waterfall ad load attempts.
waterfall_ad_load_success int 77 waterfall_ad_load_success The number of successful ad loads for video waterfall.
waterfall_ad_load_vast_error int 22 waterfall_ad_load_vast_error The number of VAST errors for ad loads in video waterfall.
waterfall_ad_load_timeout int 55 waterfall_ad_load_timeout The number of time outs for ad loads in video waterfall.
average_waterfall_position int 6 average_waterfall_position The average of video waterfall positions.


Create JSON formatted report request

The JSON file should include the report_type "video_mediation_demand_analytics", as well as the columns (dimensions and metrics) and report_interval that you want to retrieve. You can also filters for specific dimensions, define granularity (year, month, day), and specify the format in which the data should be returned (csv, excel, or html). For a full explanation of fields that can be included in the JSON file, see the Report Service.

$ cat buyer_bid_error


POST the request to the Reporting service

$ curl -b cookies -c cookies -X POST -d @video_mediation_demand ''

GET the report status from the Report service

Make a GET call with the Report ID to retrieve the status of the report. Continue making this GET call until the {{execution_status}} is "ready". Then use the report-download service to save the report data to a file, as described in the next step.

$ curl -b cookies -c cookies ''
         "created_on":"2010-05-25 19:19:53",
         "url": "report-download?id=b97897a7864dd8f34e7457226c7af592"

GET the report data from the Report Download service

To download the report data to a file, make another GET call with the Report ID, but this time to the report-download service. You can find the service and Report ID in the url field of the previous GET response. When identifying the file that you want to save to, be sure to use the file extension of the "format" that you specified in your initial POST.


If an error occurs during download, the response header will include an HTTP error code and message. Use -i or -v in your call to expose the response header.

curl -b cookies -c cookies '' > /tmp/video_mediation_demand.csv


There is a limit of 100,000 rows per report when you download them as XLSX and Excel file.