Microsoft Invest - Create a custom creative template

You can create a new custom creative template from scratch at any time.

You can also duplicate an existing template and then modify it. For more information, see Duplicate an Existing Custom Creative Template.

  1. Navigate to the Creative Templates screen by clicking Creative > Templates.

  2. Click New.

  3. Provide the following information:

    1. Name: The name of the creative template, which helps buyers identify the creative template when uploading creatives that match this template's media type and format.


      Be sure to use a name that buyers will easily recognize.

    2. Media Type Defines the display style of the creatives that can use the template, such as banner.

    3. Creative Format: Defines the creative resource type that can use this template such as Flash, iframe, or External File.

    4. Template Code: Specifies how the creative should be rendered.


      If you include custom macros in the template code, the >must begin with the # symbol. If you include standard macros in the template code, they must begin with the $ symbol. Be sure to replace any hard-coded references within the Template Code field with the ${XANDR_DOMAIN} macro to ensure that the appropriate domain ( or will be used when the auction takes place.

  4. To add custom macros, expand the Custom macros section if necessary, click Add Macros, and do the following.


    You can add up to 20 custom macros. If the template is being used by any active creatives, you cannot add additional custom macros.

    1. Enter a name for this macro in the Name field that buyers will see when they upload creatives that use this template.

      The Name field is limited to a maximum of 50 characters.

    2. Select a macro type from the Type pull-down menu such as String and True / False.

      For example, if you select True / False, buyers will see the macro name followed by a checkbox.

    3. If you selected Select from List, enter a value for Option 1.

      To add more options, click Add another option and enter the corresponding value.

    4. If you want to require buyers to complete the macro when uploading new creatives that use this template, click the Required checkbox.

    5. If you do not want the macro to be required, enter the Default Value that will be used when buyers do not complete the macro during creative uploads.

  5. Repeat step 4 to add each individual custom macro.

  6. Click Save.

    The new creative template is active by default and can be applied to new creatives.