Microsoft Invest - CTV video buying best practices

This topic describes some key best practices for buying an ad inventory on connected TV (CTV) devices. CTV can include a TV that is connected to the Internet via an external device (for example a Blu-Ray player or a gaming console), or a Smart Television.

Currently, CTV inventory is primarily purchased through deal campaigns. You'll need to contact your account manager to set up a deal. However, you should be familiar with the following topics to ensure a smooth rollout.

Frequency capping

Microsoft Advertising supports frequency capping for video advertising. However, because many publishers of OTT content do not pass a user id persistently across platforms, you should always select the Show to users without cookies checkbox under Frequency and Recency when you set up a line item. Otherwise, your ads may not serve on some publishers' inventory. Note that because device IDs and user IDs are not always available, frequency-capped CTV video campaigns can be more challenging to scale than desktop and mobile campaigns.

Device targeting

You can target specific OTT-capable or connected TV (CTV) devices such as Roku and AppleTV as well as game consoles via device targeting. To target these devices, select Targeting > System > Device Model on the line item. Specific models are searchable in the targeting interface by brand name, model name, or model ID.

Segment targeting

To implement behavioral segment targeting that includes CTV devices, you should also implement cross-device targeting, which leverages device IDs, user IDs, and household IPs to identify and precisely target users as they engage with content on multiple devices. For more information, see Cross-device Targeting and Measurement. Reach out to your account contact for additional information and guidance.


Cross-device functionality is available to sellers when running line items that purchase inventory from the ad exchange using RTB. It's not available when sellers are running managed campaigns on their own inventory.


When reporting on video deal campaigns, you'll find the publisher's information in the Application ID field. In addition, certain publishers will also send specific channel information using this field. For information on how to generate reports, see the Reporting Guide.

CTV app IDs can be used for detection, targeting, and reporting.