Microsoft Invest - Google Ad Manager

Microsoft Advertising has brandsafe creative policies, but in order to run ads through the Google Ad Manager, you must also follow the requirements below.

Enabling your Microsoft Advertising member seat for Google Ad Manager buying

Microsoft Advertising member seats do not have access to Google Ad Manager by default; the ability to buy Google Ad Manager inventory requires a separate enablement process for each Microsoft Advertising member seat. There are two types of setups:

  • Standard setup: Member purchases Google Ad Manager inventory through the Microsoft Advertising parent seat.
  • Alternate setup: Member has their own seat on Google Ad Manager and it is linked to a Microsoft Advertising member ID

The standard setup is a simple process that does not require a waiting period. The alternate setup requires the client to work with Google Ad Manager to obtain a seat on their exchange. Once this seat is obtained, it needs to be linked to an Microsoft Advertising member ID. This process can take two to four weeks to complete.


  • Mapping of Google Ad Manager seats to Microsoft Advertising seats is 1:1 - you cannot link multiple Google Ad Manager seats to one Microsoft Advertising seat or vice versa.
  • The seat in Google Ad Manager must exist as a child of the Microsoft Advertising Google Ad Manager seat - you cannot link any other type of Google Ad Manager seat to an Microsoft Advertising member.

To begin the enablement process for your Microsoft Advertising member seat, please submit a ticket to our Business Support team via the Customer Support Portal and copy in your Account Manager (if applicable). If you have already contacted Google and you do not qualify for a Google Ad Manager seat, please reach out to your Account Manager or Business Support to discuss alternate options for buying Google Ad Manager inventory.

Use of technology vendors

Ad Exchange buyers are allowed to use many technology vendors that utilize tools such as ad servers, research technologies, and remarketing. This is implemented by an advertiser calling another vendor's URL in their HTML snippet. When this is done, we consider this a "4th party" call.

Google maintains a list of technology vendors that are approved to run on Ad Exchange. Any vendor not on the list is prohibited from being used in Ad Exchange. Check the list to determine if a technology vendor you use is approved.

In order to buy Google Ad Manager inventory, creatives must also meet Google's standards and policy requirements, and must pass a separate audit in the Google Ad Manager system. You can find more information on this process in Google Ad Manager Creative Audit Process.

Transacting deals with Google Ad Manager

For instructions on how to transact deals with specific sellers on Google Ad Manager, see Negotiate Deals with Sellers.

Additional information

Additional requirements for running ad on the Google Display Network can be found at: Uploaded display ads specifications.

You can find Google Display Network restrictions on creatives here: Requirements for third-party ad serving.

For a list of reasons why a creative may have been disapproved by Google (e.g. RAW_IP_ADDRESS_IN_SNIPPET), use this list: Disapproved ad reasons.