Microsoft Invest - How Guaranteed Outcomes work

The following overview describes the logic of Guaranteed Outcomes:

  • Guaranteed Outcomes are possible because the Microsoft Advertising Exchange automatically translates outcome-based bids (vCPM & CPCV) from the buyer into impression-based CPM revenue for the seller. This translation facilitates the transaction by bridging the currency gap between buyer and seller.
  • Buyers who choose to buy with Guaranteed Outcomes enter an outcome-based bid (e.g. vCPM for Views and CPCV for Completes) as opposed to an impression-based CPM bid. Their bid will be converted and enter the seller's auction as an impression-based CPM bid, with normal auction mechanics applied.
  • If the bid wins the auction, the seller is paid the impression-based CPM price. The buyer's creative is served, and the buyer is only charged if the desired outcome is measured on the impression.
  • By default, Microsoft Advertising uses the IAB definition of a viewable ad (50% of pixels in-view for 1 continuous second) and the Microsoft Advertising measurement script to determine a view. However, we support additional viewability definitions and measurement technology vendors as well. See Introduction to Viewability for more information about choosing these alternate measurements.
  • For Guaranteed Completes, we always define a complete as a served video ad that reaches 100% of its duration.