Microsoft Invest - Member Users screen

The Member Users screen shows you basic information about your network-level users, provides access to additional details about specific users, and lets you edit or activate/deactivate specific network-level users.

Viewing member user details

Navigate to the Member Users screen (hover over your member name in the upper-right corner of the menu bar and click Member Users). You'll see the following details about each user:

  • ID: The unique user identification number of the user.
  • Username: The unique name by which the system knows the user.
  • Name: The user's actual name.
  • Email: The user's email address.
  • User Role: This is the user's role, which determines the areas and functions that each user can access. For details on available roles, see Getting Started with Roles.

Viewing a specific member user's details

To view the details of a specific Member User, select the user in the table. This reveals the User Details section, which provides the following additional details about the user:

  • ID: The unique user ID.
  • Name: The user's name.
  • Status: Whether the user is active or inactive.
  • Email: The email address associated with the user.
  • Phone: The user's phone number.
  • User Role: The role the user has been assigned to. The role determines the type of access the user has within the system.
  • Permitted Advertisers/Publishers: If the user's role is Network Advertiser Manager or Network Publisher Manager, this is the list of specific advertisers or publishers that the user is permitted to access.

Editing an existing user

To edit an existing user, select the user in the table and click Full Edit.

Activating/deactivating users

To activate or deactivate one or more users, select the checkbox to the left of the row of each user that you want to change and select the More Actions button. Choose Activate or Deactivate from the dropdown list. Further details are available at Create a User.