Political geography targeting

Political geography targeting allows political buyers to target geographies based on legislative district boundaries. Political buyers who support candidates often want to run campaigns based on political geographies, and leveraging political district targeting is a powerful way for buyers to achieve highly granular and precise geographical targeting. The Political Geography Targeting thus plays a key factor in driving performance, as it enables buyers to target the important geographic constructs which is imperative to the buyer's and to their client's successes respectively.


The feature is available within the existing geo targeting module in Microsoft Invest, and it's called "Political District (US Only)".

Targeting political districts

You can target political districts, by doing the following:

  1. Within the Edit Line Item screen, click on the Geography field and select the applicable checkboxes for country-level targeting, under the Audience and Location Targeting section to set up the line item geography targeting.

  2. Click +Additional Geo Restrictions to target audiences based on legislative district boundaries. You will be able to target or exclude multiple political geographies within the same line item. The Political District Targeting allows buyers to target the following political geography levels:

    1. Congressional District
    2. State Senate District
    3. State House District

For more information about how to create augmented line items (ALIs), see Create an Augmented Line Item.