Microsoft Invest - Working with programmable splits


Programmable splits are only available for Augmented Line Items (ALIs).

When you create a line item, you specify the inventory you'd like to target, the budget you'd like to spend over the flight, how to track revenue, and how to use Microsoft Advertising optimization. You also have the option to split up the line item inventory using programmable splits, which further target subsets of that total inventory, allocate the specified budget to different targets, and distribute creatives. The targeting on the line item acts as a filter, so impressions must match the criteria specified by the line item before they'll be passed on to splits.

You define a split by specifying the inventory you want available for it, using any combination of split targeting specifications. These include geography, inventory performance, and segment information. If you choose, you can also specify bidding or valuation rules, budget allocations, bidding priority, and/or creative selection for each split.

The following resources explain how splits work, how to set them up, what the key metrics are, and how to change existing splits in groups or individually. They also address FAQs associated with using splits.

  • Understanding Splits - Learn how splits help you target users, allocate budget, and optimize for performance goals.
  • Configure a Programmable Split - Set up a split.
  • Update Splits - Edit, delete, duplicate, or activate splits.
  • Import or Export Split CSVs - Update splits in bulk by importing or exporting a CSV file.
  • Monitor splits - Monitor split delivery and performance per line item.
  • Explore Splits - View essential metrics about a specific split or all splits under a specific line item, analyze visualizations of the split's performance and delivery, and use bulk editing and reporting options.
  • Split FAQ - Frequently asked questions and frequently suggested troubleshooting suggestions.