Microsoft Monetize - A comparison of mobile app vs. web

In Welcome to Mobile, we claim that mobile app and web features are mostly the same. The table below contains a comparison listing mobile app features, how different they are from web, and how they differ.

For more information about why mobile app features differ from web, see Technical Limitations of Mobile Buying.

Mobile Feature Degree of Difference from Display Details
Buying Workflow Low - Minor UI workflow differences.
- Additional targeting criteria (device, lat/long, carrier).
Supply Integrations Low - Similar server-side integrations; this will make it easier to bring on mobile supply.
- Different, more focused supply sources.
Reporting Low We have device and carrier reporting; see the Device Analytics Report and the Carrier Analytics Report
Creative Formats Medium - Different sizes.
- Device capabilities must be taken into account when targeting.
- Pre-loading of interstitials and video required due to battery/bandwidth constraints.
Targeting Medium - New targeting criteria such as device type, carrier type, and lat/long available.
- Most existing targeting methods work as designed.
Optimization Medium New dimensions such as connection and device types are available to our optimization systems; this will enable the development of more effective mobile-specific optimization algorithms.
User identification, Frequency Capping and Conversion Attribution Medium-High See Technical Limitations of Mobile Buying.