Ad quality and creative standards

Advertisers wish to serve their creatives in as many places as possible. As a publisher, though, you want to protect your site from creatives that violate your standards. As these issues are both equally important, here is an overview about how our Creative Standards and Ad Quality profiles interact.


Buyers can opt their creatives into the Microsoft Advertising audit process to maximize their reach.

  • This includes buyers using our hosted bidder, Microsoft Monetize, and other technology partners that have built their own bidders and integrated with our stack.
  • We audit both creatives hosted with us as well as third-party tags.
  • Creative Standards


Sellers of inventory can determine the types of creatives that are allowed to serve on their inventory, including whether or not the creative is audited by the Microsoft Advertising team.

  • All aggregators, including Microsoft, require creatives to be audited by the Microsoft Advertising team prior to serving on their inventory.
  • Some ad networks allow unaudited creatives to serve on their inventory or a portion of it.
  • We also allow sellers to apply trust levels to individual buyers. For example, a seller can apply maximum trust to a buyer. The seller will then accept all creatives from those buyers, regardless of audit status.
  • We allow sellers to approve or ban creatives on an individual basis.
  • Working with Ad Quality

Creative Standards