Create a placement for third-party ad server pacing

When creating a programmatic guaranteed (PG) deal that uses third-party ad server pacing, you must first create a placement that is third-party pacing compliant.

PG deals that use a third-party ad server for pacing require a single, exclusive placement to be made only for that deal. The placement must also be the only placement contained within a single placement group. To create the placement:

  1. Click Publishers > Placement Manager.

  2. Select a publisher.

  3. Click Create New > Placement Group.

  4. Enter a name for the placement group.

  5. Optional: Enter the top level domain name for the placement group.

  6. Select the Standard Website supply type option.

  7. Select Do not participate to ensure that your placement group and placement don't participate in real-time bidding.

  8. Select the Allow deal demand for this placement group checkbox.

    Making this selection and creating a unique placement for your PG deal ensures that your PG campaign is the only demand eligible for the placement.

  9. Click Save & Add New Placement.

    The Create New Placement dialog displays.

    You've just created the placement group needed for your PG deal placement. Now, you can create the placement that you'll use for your third-party pacing PG deal.

  10. Enter a name for the placement.

  11. Set a state for your placement:

    • Active
    • Inactive - the recommended state for the placement before your PG deal begins. However, you must eventually change the placement's state to Active once the PG deal begins.
  12. Select a media (creative) type for the placement.


    You can currently only use banner creatives in your PG deal without a Microsoft Advertising representative's assistance. If you'd like to use other creative types, please contact your Microsoft Advertising account representative.

  13. Select a size for the media type.

    If you choose a banner media type for your placement, you must select Sizeless. You can later add banner sizes to the generated placement tag using macros.

  14. Click Save.

    You've just finished creating your placement. Now, you must retrieve its placement tag.

  15. Click Export Tag within the placement's Placement Details pane.

    For more information on exporting placement tags, see Export Placement Tags.

The placement tag is now available to you for trafficking in your third-party ad server. You can now begin creating a PG deal that uses third-party ad server pacing. For more information, see Create a Programmatic Guaranteed Deal that Uses Third-Party Ad Server Pacing, Tag Integration.

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