Integrate accelerated mobile pages with PSP

Both Microsoft Monetize Ad Server and Direct Supply customers must follow the below guidelines to integrate their accelerated mobile pages (AMP) inventory with PSP.


When a publisher calls Microsoft Advertising using the /prebid/amp endpoint, Microsoft Advertising responds with key-values for each adapter and the top bid. This happens regardless of whether the client has a consolidated or bidder-specific line item setup. Microsoft Advertising Prebid bid response includes Prebid key-values (bidder, price, deal, and so on) for each SSP (Microsoft Advertising and/or SSP demand partners with PSP) that submitted a valid bid into the auction.


To set up AMP inventory with PSP:

  1. Follow the Prebid AMP Implementation Guide. More context on the AMP use case can be found here.

  2. Update the rtc-config as shown in the example below:

    <amp-ad width="300" height="250"
      rtc-config='{"vendors": {"prebidappnexuspsp": {"PLACEMENT_ID": "13144370"}}, "timeoutMillis": 500}'>
  3. Exclude any demand partners that are supported through PSP from the rtc-config. Retain vendors like prebidappnexuspsp and any partners who do not support PSP.

  4. Set up PSP-supported demand partners in Monetize by navigating to Publishers > Prebid Server Premium > Demand Partner Configurations. For more information, see Add, Edit, or Delete a PSP Configuration.


    Any publisher client with Google Ad Manager (GAM) as their ad server should ensure the following elements are in place:

    • Enable the checkbox Serve into a SafeFrame of Prebid Universal Creatives set up in GAM. This ensures viewability tracking.
    • All relevant ad sizes are included on the creatives in GAM.
    • Any optional hb_bidder targeting must include all relevant PSP demand partners, not just Microsoft Advertising.