Microsoft Monetize - Managing creative templates

You can use the Creative Templates screen to view all corresponding details for each standard and custom creative template.

The following columns display on the Creative Templates screen for each creative template:

  • Name: The name of the creative template helps buyers identify the creative template when uploading creatives that match this template's media type and format. The Microsoft Advertising standard templates for each media type and format are all named "Standard".
  • ID: The unique identification number assigned to the creative template.
  • Media Type: The display style of the creatives that can use the template, such as banner.
  • Template Owner: The name of the person who created the creative template. Microsoft Advertising is the owner of all standard templates. Your network owns all custom templates.
  • State: The status of the creative template, which is either Active or Inactive.

To obtain the following details about any of the creative templates, click a corresponding row and the Creative Template Details pane displays:

  • Creative Format: Defines the creative resource type that can use this template, such as iframe or External File.
  • Template Code: Specifies how the creative should be rendered.

Creative Templates